Emma Speicher’s Ronald McDonald House Project

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Hi, my name is Emma Speicher and with my family, we came up with the idea to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is where families stay while one of their family members is in the hospital. My idea is to collect can tabs from various types of cans (soda, beer, soup, etc.). These tabs are aluminum and after speaking to someone at the Ronald McDonald House, they told us that they collect these tabs and are able to turn it in to money.
What a great way to help an organization by giving something that you already have in your house. It also helps the environment because they recycle the tabs and then are able to use the aluminum. If everyone can grab a bag or jar and start filling it up with tabs, we can do something special and help families that are going through a rough time.
My family is going to collect everyone’s tabs and then bring them to the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven, which is connected to Yale-New Haven Hospital. If you are interested in helping, that would be great. I am hoping that everyone realizes what a great cause this is and can help. We can make this something that keeps going but we are going to try and have our first collection towards the end of the August.
Please email office@bethelfairfield.org to learn how you can help!
Thank you,
Emma Speicher

Beth El Religious School Kitah Hei 5th | Burr Elementary School 5th grade