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We teach children to be kind, happy, and curious learners.

The K’tanim Connection. It’s the core of what we do.

Nothing shapes your child’s social and emotional growth and early academic success more than their ability to form a bond of trust with adults, peers, and their classroom environment. So we build the foundation needed to make real connections with students, families, staff, and the community around us by creating an environment that is warm, safe, stimulating, and supportive. It’s these crucial early connections that lay the groundwork for learning — both in the classroom and beyond.

Kindness counts.

Throughout the year we focus on being thoughtful of others’ feelings, as we work through expressing our own, hearing others’ words, and finding solutions that satisfy both people’s interests. Be sure to ask your child every Monday about the “Tzedakah Questions Of The Week”, covering topics such as “How can we help a child who doesn’t have as many toys as you?”, “What can we do every day to take care of the Earth?”, “How can we help someone who is hurt or sick?” These are discussed in class and at home, so that by Friday each child can share a meaningful answer.

Let the children lead the way.

We are committed to fostering a play-based learning environment that is child-directed. Why? Engaging your preschooler in play-based activities that reflect their own interests, as evidence has continually proven, serves two important goals. First, it makes exploration and problem-solving natural and fun, enticing them to want to learn as much as possible. And second, it hones their natural curiosity — so your child develops, matures, and achieves their individual potential at their own pace.

An extension of your family.

We take the responsibility of nurturing your child very seriously. But our role, just as importantly, is to support and advise parents as well. With our years of experience, we’re prepared to guide you and your family through every ordeal of these formative years, from separation and potty training to sleep and behavior management. Don’t hesitate to turn to us, no matter the challenge. We’re here for you.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact our director, Kate Luedtke, at kluedtke@bethelfairfield.org or (203) 374-5544. Registration for the coming school year is now in progress. We look forward to welcoming you to the K’tanim family!

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