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Small class sizes enable our teachers to give lots of individual attention, and just as importantly, to design individual play‑based curriculum centered upon your child’s own unique needs and interests.

Learning and Growing

From the very first day, we really get to know your child. Then we craft fun, engaging, developmentally appropriate experiences, directed by your child’s specific interests, that enable them to learn naturally while playing and exploring their environment. And each day, the teachers adjust their level of support and offer new challenges to gradually and naturally move your child along their own developmental path.

The Highest Standards

Following the evidence-based guidance of the Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) set by the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood, our curriculum age-appropriately addresses these eight developmental domains:

  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development and health
  • Cognition
  • Language and literacy
  • Early mathematics discovery
  • Early scientific inquiry
  • Social studies
  • Creative arts

Linked to the Common Core State Standards used in public elementary schools, the ELDS builds a solid foundation for your child’s learning and prepares them well for the future — ready to enter kindergarten when the time comes.

Our director, Kate Luedtke, helped finalize the CT DOTS framework, which all preschools statewide are now rushing to implement!

Celebrating Traditions

As part of Congregation Beth El in Fairfield, we instill an early connection to Judaism in all of our children, as we offer them the opportunity to become familiar with Jewish holidays, traditions, and heritage.

In addition to saying the hamotzi every day before snack, Shabbat is a joyous occasion celebrated each Friday with candle-lighting, grape juice, and of course, challah. One family is invited each week as the special guest, to read their child’s favorite story and share their child’s favorite fruit for snack. Afterwards, we head to the sanctuary to sing songs and hear stories from the Rabbi about the week’s parsha.

So Much To Explore!

While programs in all classes follow both Judaic and secular themes, there are always opportunities for your child to explore the wonders of the world through creative art, music, foods, stories, and group play.

With a daily schedule that is carefully planned yet flexible, your child will discover language, literacy, math, and science through hands-on activities and age-appropriate materials that encourage creativity and self-expression. Their daily agenda includes problem-solving experiences that help to formulate language development and sensory discrimination. And they’ll delight in both indoor and outdoor physical activities, which stimulate fine and gross motor development.

Most importantly, your child will develop a love of learning, form close & enduring friendships, feel good about themselves, and thrive in every way.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact our director, Kate Luedtke, at kluedtke@bethelfairfield.org or (203) 374-5544. Registration for the coming school year is now in progress. We look forward to welcoming you to the K’tanim family!

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